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The Current Situation

Business owners increasingly recognize the link between the success of First Nations economic development interests and that of their own. On their part, First Nations increasingly are actively pursuing economic development opportunities within their traditional territory lands.

Improving First Nations potential for economic development is desirable not only for the First Nations, but also for Canada’s mainstream businesses and the national economy.

How We Work

RG Evans Indigenous Solutions seeks to bridge the gap between Canadian businesses and indigenous communities.

Working with REIS can open doors to new indigenous business opportunities and can help companies find ways to work with indigenous businesses.

Benefits of working with us:


Working with you, we assess your needs


We identify best strategies and solutions to address each need


We support the implementation of the solutions


We monitor and support the process and report back

Investing in Change and Taking Responsibility

Learn to build trust among Indigenous groups and exercise corporate social responsibility.

Economic Opportunity

Discover the economic prosperity possible through improved relations with Indigenous groups.

Lead by Example

Lead the way to societal change in this country. Become a leader and gain recognition for your best practices.

Our Team

Ron Evans


Ed Buller

Quality Assurance

Chief Ron Evans has been in various leadership positions continuously since 1980 when he was elected the youngest Councillor in the history of Norway House. His range of experience includes both public and private sector First Nation organizations in Norway House as well as Manitoba and Canada. Chief Evans is credited with numerous major accomplishments, both for the community of Norway House Cree Nation…

Why Choose REIS?

REIS is a company that is a developer of practical business solutions. We work with Canadian business leaders, and indigenous communities.
 REIS is the only group that can:

A network between the groups to bring key stakeholders together to create significant change in communities

Talk with the knowledge to all three groups affected by the recommendations (business, government and communities)

Understand the impact of the  TRC recommendations