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Working with REIS can open doors to new indigenous business opportunities and can help companies find ways to work with indigenous businesses.

Ron’s training is amazing! Our company is glad to have the opportunity to learn from such a professional!


Originally developed in response to the need for expertise in the country to help businesses interpret the TRC Recommendations and develop relevant implementation strategies, Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions has quickly become a developer of practical business solutions, and a valued link between indigenous businesses and the national economy.

100% First Nations owned and managed, REIS is perfectly positioned to help establish relationships between indigenous peoples and the Canadian business community.

How We Work

Our company meets with businesses and client groups to understand their specific needs and their concerns and develops customized solutions to meet those business needs.

Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions seeks to bridge the gap between Canadian businesses and indigenous communities, by:

Acting as a liaison between the two groups

Helping Canadian business to understand how to work with indigenous business

Empowering Indigenous communities to build sustainable programs

Working with Governments and funding bodies to provide resources

Creating networking opportunities that lead to business development

Helping businesses integrate the TRC recommendations into their business plans and the political processes

The Current Situation

Business owners increasingly recognize the link between the success of First Nations economic development interests and that of their own. On their part, First Nations increasingly are actively pursuing economic development opportunities within their traditional territory lands.

Improving First Nations potential for economic development is desirable not only for the First Nations, but also for Canada’s mainstream businesses and the national economy.

Recent findings and recommendations have provided a road map for corporate and government sectors to engage with indigenous communities in a way that can benefit both the business and the community. But there are ways to approach these initiatives – and if both sides do not understand, and appreciate, the other’s needs – the process can be difficult.

Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions bridges the gap between the corporate businesses and indigenous communities – to ensure that ideas, programs, and opportunities can properly be developed.

What They Say About Us

The difficulty with Ron Evans was our best decision! He quickly understood our problem and offered a customized solution. We recommend REIS! And we will continue our cooperation.

REIS helps companies like Gardewine find new ways to do business through reconciliation. We are grateful to Ron Evans for his cooperation.

Ron’s training is amazing! Our company is glad to have the opportunity to learn from such a professional!

RG Evans Indigenous Solutions will help you adapt to any situation and needs of your clients and your business

Why Choose REIS?

As the implications of the TRC Recommendations are becoming increasingly evident, there is only one company in the marketplace with a unique perspective on the issues that will directly affect business. Working with R3CON, REIS is the only group that can:

A network between the groups to bring key stakeholders together to create significant change in communities

Talk with the knowledge to all three groups affected by the recommendations (business, government and communities)

Understand the impact of the  TRC recommendations

But RG Evans Indigenous Solutions is more than a guide to the TRC Calls to Action.

The company is a developer of practical business solutions. We work with Canadian business leaders, and indigenous communities, providing the following key services:

Business planning and development

Staff Training on indigenous issues

TRC Compliance

Networking and liaison

Grant identification and access

Government Relations

REIS was conceived and developed by Ron Evans, who has extensive experience working in the government, business and community sectors, which is a key differentiator from competitors in the field.