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As the implications of the TRC Recommendations are becoming increasingly evident, there is only one company in the marketplace with a unique perspective on the issues that will directly affect business.

To determine how REIS can help your business, contact Ron and set-up a preliminary meeting to discuss your goals.

Together with R3Con

R3CON is dedicated to helping leaders in our society demonstrate what it means to reconcile through improved business practices. It is R3CON’s mission to improve relations between Indigenous groups and Canadian businesses by helping to implement employment equity and corporate social responsibility into their ongoing business practices.

R3CON was formed to help companies oversee this process and ensure that, as a collective, we move beyond symbolism and take action.

Our Services

Business Planning and Development Services

Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions has been established with the primary purpose of helping corporations and indigenous communities work together to build mutually beneficial business development opportunities.

Our work in this area includes three different approaches:

Member of the Order of the Buffalo Hunt, Provost Level, In Recognition of “Contributions to the aboriginal community of Manitoba”, presented by the Premier of Manitoba

Working with corporations to recognize and development business opportunities in conjunction with indigenous communities

Brining business and indigenous communities together to work on development opportunities that provide mutual benefit for both

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Corporate And Staff Training On Cultural Issues

As a result of his many connections in the business world, Ron Evans has often been asked to provide cultural sensitivity training to organizations and businesses.

In many cases, this training can be viewed as the first step in a process of working in conjunction with indigenous communities on business opportunities.

We have a wide variety of presentations available – that can be delivered to staff or at the C-Suite level.

In every situation, we tailor the training program to our client’s needs and the realities of their business setting.

If you were looking to work with an indigenous community, it would be wise to start with a qualified introduction to the cultural issues that are important to that community.

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TRC Compliance Programs

TRC programming and response is a primary concern for the Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions Group.

While the TRC Recommendations were tabled in 2014, no regulations were established to ensure that companies addressed the recommendations, and made the necessary changes to their own operations. As such, acceptance and integration of the recommendations by Canadian businesses has been slow.

But that is soon going to change – as pressure is placed on the government to begin enforcing (or at least encourage) the adoption of the recommendations. In short, TRC 92 calls on businesses to:

Commit to meaningful consultation, building respectful relationships, and obtaining the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before proceeding with economic development projects.

Working with corporations to recognize and development business opportunitieEnsure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector, and that Aboriginal communities gain long-term sustainable benefits from economic development projects.s in conjunction with indigenous communities.

Provide education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.

To ensure that key TRC recommendations are being addressed and implemented, Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions has partnered with Terry Brown to form R3CON, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between the TRC Calls to Action and true business compliance. And no other company is so uniquely qualified to provide this information, training and certification.

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TRC Compliance Programs

Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions is a developer of practical business solutions.

REIS was conceived and created by Ron Evans, who has extensive experience working in the government, business and community sectors, which provides a key resource for business.

If your company has key initiatives that involve indigenous communities, or if you are seeking to engage in a business opportunity with an indigenous community, it may help to have a guide to walk you through the process.

Working with REIS, we can:

Conduct an audit of your current business activities and recommend business development opportunities and alternate revenue generation options that could be developed through Indigenous participation.

Provide cultural sensitivity training for your executive and your staff before you engage in any work with indigenous businesses.

Work with you to incorporate TRC Recommendations into your business practices so that you can become TRC Compliant.

Help connect you with like-minded businesses or potential indigenous communities that may provide new markets or new business development opportunities.

Conduct strategic business planning sessions that will help your company create a roadmap/timeline for working with indigenous communities.

Identify available funding and grant programs that may be available to your company when developing these indigenous partnerships and initiatives.

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Grant Identification And Access

Ron Evans has worked at the local level, the Provincial level and at the Federal level – addressing business and indigenous issues.

During that time, he has been made aware of the various funds and support systems that are available for the development of indigenous business initiatives in this country.

Once the business opportunity or the concept has been identified, REIS has the knowledge and the connections necessary to identify and access the available funds to support these initiatives – be they through grants or through business development loans.

We can show you how working within the indigenous community can be cost-effective, and how the venture may qualify for funding from a wide variety of government and private sources.

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Strategy Facilitation

Strategy planning is a key skill and focus for the Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions group. And we take Strategic Planning seriously.

Effective working relationships with indigenous communities are not developed on a whim – or as a last minute option. The process takes time, and must be a fit for both the business and the community.

It all starts with a meeting.

REIS meets with your company to discuss your business, your approach and your goals. We seek to understand your needs and your opportunities.

Once we have an understanding of who you are, and what you want to do, we can sit down and help you create a plan to accomplish those goals.

In many cases, REIS has:

Developed business options for its corporate clients

Helped to brainstorm new ideas for business development

Established connections between the client and the most appropriate indigenous community or entity

Helped the company implement the business development strategy in the community

If you are planning to work with indigenous businesses and communities, and you don’t have the knowledge or the cultural understanding, REIS can help you develop a plan of action that can ensure you don’t make mistakes along the way.

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Government And Quasi-Government Liaison

Ron Evans has a long and storied career working with and within government organizations at all levels – municipal, provincial and federal government.

His resume reads as an extensive list of appointments and positions working with government and quasi-government agencies to support indigenous communities and businesses.

There is no other indigenous business development company in Canada offering the depth and breadth of government level experience.

And this experience can help businesses in a variety of ways:

If you are a company or business working with an indigenous community there may be regulations that you need to be aware of. There may also be grants and funding support available, that would not necessarily be widely known.

If you are seeking to work with an indigenous community or business there may be supports, materials or guides available that will help you in the start-up process.

If you employ indigenous workers or you work within an indigenous community, there are specific rules and recommendations outlined in the TRC Report that you must abide by. Failure to understand these rules could be costly in the long run.

You may want to develop a project on your own, but at times, having a government agency support your initiative from the start, can be beneficial (both financially and operationally).

Ron Evans Indigenous Solutions is aware of the departments and the organizations, understands their individual mandates, and can find the support networks that are relevant to your initiative.

It would be a waste not to access this knowledge prior to starting your project.

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